MDNA Blog – KZOO 30th Annual Karaoke Contest

Today ManoaDNA helped judge the 30th annual karaoke contest that KZOO puts on. It was really awesome because every contestant that sang was really good! There was also entertainment in between which included professional karaoke singers and many others. Check out the pictures below and you’ll see all the different people at this contest. The best thing was the costumes that these contestants wore; some of them were so out there!!
We had the opportunity to open the contest by performing two of our songs and congratulating KZOO for all the hard work over the last thirty years. After we finished we sat down and judged 52 karaoke singers. It was a cool opportunity and I would definitely do it again!

After that, I was so tired and fell asleep as soon as I got home. I woke up, ate dinner, and now I’m going to sleep for the night. Thanks for reading, I’ve been updating my blog so much lately!!


  1. I could watch KARAOKE TAIKAI yesterday. It was so fun. I was surprised everyone was good singer and entertainer. NAOMICHI HANAZONO was so cool. I enjoyed it.