Alex’s Solo Start: “AK & The Sunshine”

Don’t worry, ManoaDNA is NOT falling apart or breaking up. Have no fear, all is well in ManoaDNA land!

Last Monday, Alex made his solo debut at “Tikis” in Waikiki.

Alex and Jack setting up for some Monday night mischief at Tikis.  Where are you?

Joined by our good friend Jack Ofoia, he remixed a lot of ManoaDNA originals and played some new songs too! Dad and I were in the audience, along with a couple of our friends, and we all enjoyed the night. Our friend Tricia even got up and danced a hula to celebrate the night! Even though it was a Monday night, we still had a lot of fun!

Hula in the show?!  AK and the Sunshine with Tricia!!

This is one of two events for Alex on his solo adventure, with the second one coming on November 22nd. If you get a chance, head down to Tikis on the 22nd, and support Alex! I made up “AK and the Sunshine,” but it seems to be sticking so far!