MDNA Blog – DinDin at N’s House

I had a good relaxing day today because it rained all day so I HAD to stay in. I cleaned the house a little and ran a few errands, then in the afternoon MDNA had practice and it went swell! We have some new songs to throw into the mix so our upcoming gigs should be fun. After practice a few friends and I went over to Nick’s house to have what we call “Humpday Dinner”. We try to get friends together every Wednesday to have dinner and just hang out. We had good wine, Zippy’s chili, salad, cupcakes, candy, and garlic bread. It was delicious! Ono! Oishikatta!

Not looking forward to school tomorrow, but I am getting two midterm exams back so I’ll have to update you all tomorrow…wish me luck!

See ya!