KKPG rocks again!

Aloha!  It’s 6:30am on Sunday morning here in beautiful Manoa, and the puppies are going nuts!  These guys are like an alarm clock that goes off at the same time every morning regardless of whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or whatever!  There’s no sleeping in late at this house ….

Great fun at the Kani Ka Pila Grille last night!  Because it’s the Halloween weekend, Nick came dressed as one of the characters from the iPad Angry Birds game.  Alex came dressed as a tourist/Jason Mraz combination, and I came dressed as Alex – in other words, we looked pretty normal!  The crowd was awesome as usual and we had quite a bit of visitors from Japan including a group of media people who came to see us along with our friends from Hawai’i Tourism Japan.  And we were honored when Senator Daniel Inouye and his wife, Irene, stopped in to catch the last few songs of the evening … along with a contingent of Secret Service bodyguards!  Mahalo to everyone for making it another memorable evening at the ‘Grille!

Today is Halloween so we’re having friends coming over to our house tonight to help give out candy to all the “trick or treaters”.  I remember going trick or treating when I was a kid … great memories!  We always have lots of kids coming by our house dressed up in really cute & creative costumes so  I’ll be sure to take some pics to post tomorrow …

Aloha, “D”

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  1. Dad!! wow, it’s seems like so much fun!!! I wanted to go there and I envy…
    Jason alex is appeared last year too?? It’s gooooood your guys:) See you soon☆