Tiki’s w/ ManoaDNA

Just got back from a great night at Tiki’s! We had some friends come down and hang out with us – Milan and Maya, and Pele Reiko from StudioRim! Thanks for coming down, it’s always awesome to see friends at our gigs.
I got scolded by Pele Reiko tonight because haven’t updated my blog in awhile…well…now my goal is to blog everyday so that people can keep up with what I do. I always say it, but I’m really going to try this time I promise!! So heres my update for today…

I took my second midterm exam of the week today and right after school I had to get ready for Tiki’s so I’m pretty exhausted right now. I think I did ok on my exam but I wont find out till next week so that will have to wait for a future blog. As for tomorrow, we are heading over to see Pele Reiko and do some radio shows with her, then we are off to Lulus for our weekly pau Hana Friday gig. Come down to Lulus it’s going to be great!! My good friend also flies in tomorrow but its not a vacation…a family member passed away so he’s here to hang with his family. It’ll be good to see him even though the circumstances aren’t great.

Anyways, check in tomorrow because I’ll be blogging 🙂


  1. Aloha! Alex! Good job your updated blog!
    I will follow -up my twitter! Please check my twiiiiiitttttt”’ PELEREIKO”
    And see you later alligator! We follow -up the special interview in studio rim with Manoa DNA by twiiiiiiiter “STUDIORIMHAWAII”
    Please check it out around 7;30am in Japan time!