Windy Manoa!

‘Morning, all!  We’ve had lots of rain and wind the last couple of days although people tell me that it was hot & humid just before we got back from Vegas.  I really love it when it rains in Manoa … keeps things so cool & green!  When it rained in Vegas, all it did was flood, get cold, and smell … not real pleasant qualities!

Had a busy day yesterday … finished unpacking my stuff before heading down to IOLANI to see how much bigger the pile on my desk had gotten!  The puppies were so cute – as soon as the suitcases were emptied, they immediately climbed into them and went to sleep – as if to make sure that we weren’t going to pack and leave again!  So smart …

Stopped off at the original Side Street to pick up dinner … fried rice, pork chops, spicy chicken, and farmer’s salad.  Everything was fabulous as always!

Aloha, “D”

p.s. Here’s a pic of Nick in front of one of our favorite Vegas restaurants – Todd’s!