Back home …

Aloha, peeps!  We just flew in from Vegas last night and boy, is it great to be home!  We were greeted by our puppies as soon as we walked in the door and they immediately began sniffing our luggage to see what kind of omiyage treats we had brought for them!  So cute!  And Linda had given them a haircut too, so now they don’t look so scruffy … I can actually see Peanuts eyes!

Vegas was a lot of fun, but I can only take that place for a few days before I exhaust myself both physically and financially!  I did have fun playing with my Selohssa golf gang last week out at the Boulder Creek G.C. and Siena G.C., although we did get rained on at Siena on the front nine.  Rain in Vegas is very different than rain in Hawai’i – in Hawai’i, the rain is warm and generally blows through with tradewinds … in Vegas it just sits, there’s danger of lightning, and it gets so frickin’ cold that your hands go numb and hitting the golf ball becomes a real challenge!

We also ate at some of our favorite Vegas joints … In ‘n Out Burger, Triple 7 Brewpub, Todd’s Unique Dining, and Rosemary’s, to name a few.  We didn’t hit any of the famous Las Vegas buffets though … didn’t want to come home looking like a balloon!  Gonna hit the squash court this afternoon before my meeting and try to lose some of that Vegas poundage!

Aloha, “D”