Bad golf ..

Well it happened … I totally screwed up day #2 of our golf tournament and shot a horrendous score of 91!  That took me out of contention for the 2-day low net championship … damn!  Oh well, it didn’t help that it rained throughout the front nine and part of the back … so much so that my hands started going numb and hitting the ball was like hitting a rock!  Oh well, no excuses .. I just sucked big time yesterday!  After we got back, though, I had some good luck on the tables – one of our members had a great roll at the craps table – so we all made some money and ended the day on a high note!

2:30pm .. we just got back to the hotel after shopping at Trader Joe’s and grabbing a burger at one of our favorite stops in Vegas, In ‘n Out Burger.  We all had the double-double with fries and a drink … mmmmm, good!  After we got back to hotel, we went over to the sports book to watch the U.H. Warriors play Utah State in football and the Warriors killed ’em 45-7!  Way to go, Warriors!!  Yeeehaaaa!!

We’re now getting ready to go to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here in Vegas called Todd’s Unique Dining … I know, I know, it sounds sketchy but the food is FABULOUS!!  We always make it a point to have dinner there at least one night whenever we’re in Vegas.  Tomorrow we’re going to celebrate Carla’s b’day at another one of our favorites, Rosemary’s.   I’ll send you pics … aloha, “D”


  1. Hi Dad!!
    I’m glad that you and Carla is spend a wonderful time in Vegas!!
    Please to say hi to Carla from me!! Have a wonderful day!!