Thunderstorms in Vegas!

Aloha, my peeps!  It’s raining here in Vegas with lots of thunder and lightning!  Our plane was bobbing and weaving between the clouds as we came in for our landing and we could see lightning all around us .. pretty awesome sight but kinda scary too.  It’s still raining today, but hopefully it’ll clear up by tomorrow when our golf tournament is supposed to start.  The rest of my Selohssa golf gang arrives today so I’ll be busy making sure everything runs smoothly …

After we checked in to our hotel last night, we went over to TGI Fridays to get something to eat and then Carla went to play video poker while I went back to the room to shower and crash.  Today I’ve got to go and start emptying out our rental storage locker which contains all of our trade show equipment and ship some of the stuff home and dump the rest.  The most important thing we need to bring home are our hangers … the ones we use now in our IOLANI store suck!

Stay tuned ….  Aloha, “D”


  1. Have fun trip to Vegas!!
    I listening to the radio program via internet from Vegas on Monday to Friday every morning. It’s so nice program!!

    • Hi Masako!
      I hope you are feeling well and getting ready for your trip to Hawai’i next month!
      Las Vegas has been raining with lots of thunder and lightning … very unusual for this time of year!
      Please take care and we’ll see you soon, ne?
      Aloha, “D”