Thursday golf!

Yes, it’s Thursday again which means golf this afternoon!  I will do my best to not embarrass myself like I did last week … of course, there’s no guarantee so stay tuned!  ManoaDNA performed last night at a reception for the new Omidyar K-1 complex at Punahou School and I gotta say … that is one awesome facility!  OMG … not only is it state-of-the-art, but it generates 2/3 of it’s own energy needs with tons of solar panels, water catchment systems, etc!  It was great to see a lot of my old classmates, many of who now teach or work at Punahou.  The boys also saw a lot of their former teachers … in fact, their one even requested  ALOHA YOU – KIZUNA!  All in all, it was a wonderful evening of music, food, and seeing old friends and I look forward to seeing many of them at next year’s reunion!

We’ll be performing at Tiki’s tonight from 6 – 8pm, and it’s been quite awhile since we last performed there.  My only memory of Tiki’s was that the stage was very tiny and totally enclosed … it also faced the afternoon sun which turned the stage into a solar oven!  After one set, I looked like I had just jumped into a swimming pool … sort of how I looked after performing outside during our July tour in Japan!  It’ll be dry-fit shirt and shorts for this dude ….

Aloha, “D”