“Aloha Friday” morning …

‘Morning, all!  It’s the weekend again and we’re back at Lulu’s tonight and Kani Ka Pila tomorrow.  I love it when we kani ka pila ManoaDNA-style, especially after we come back from a long trip.  Performing on the road takes so much out of us mentally & physically and it’s always great to come back to our “roots” to recharge and re-energize.  Also, there’s nothing better than a cool Manoa morning, or a swim in the ocean, or just spending time with old friends to help me relax and unwind … ahhhhh!

I’ve been wanting to send out a very special “mahalo” to a good friend of ours, Wayne Harada, who was Hawai’i’s “Mr. Showbiz” as the entertainment editor for the Honolulu Advertiser for over 40 years before finally retiring last year.  Over the years, Wayne has met and interviewed almost every famous celebrity you can think of both local and international.  And although he’s “retired”, you can still find his column in the Sunday Star-Advertiser along with his popular blog.  Anyway, what many people don’t know is that Wayne is a master of origami, or the Japanese art of paper folding.  During his spare time he’s created a unique line of greeting cards which reflect many of our local traditions and cuisine.  For our ManoaDNA’s “EVOLUTION” CD release, he surprised us with an awesome “EVOLUTION” CD aloha shirt greeting card!   I gave a few of them out during our last trip to Japan, and people went crazy for them (wouldn’t it be cool if it became a collector’s item?)  So come on down and check out Wayne’s entire collection of greeting cards sold exclusively at our IOLANI on Kona Street store!

Oh yeah .. I played a horrible round of golf yesterday during my regular Thursday outing … it was so bad that I’m not going to even tell you my score!  I couldn’t hit the ball to save my life, and played “soldier golf” – left, right, left, right – for most of the round.  It was pretty ugly ….

I stopped off at the Diamond Head Grill to pick up some dinner … Carla’s favorite grilled chicken with fruit mustard relish, sweet corn chowder, corn bread, and apple-blueberry crisp.  YUMMMMM!!

Aloha, “D”