Exhausting day at the DMV!

Howzit, everybody!  If any of you saw my Facebook entry yesterday, you know all about my adventure down at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  I had to renew my driver’s license which is a very quick & simple process – you fill out an app, take an eye test & get finger printed at window #1, pay the fee and get photographed at window #2, license is printed and presto – done!  So I went down to the DMV in Kapalama (Kalihi) yesterday and yup, you guessed it … ended up spending 2 1/2 hours getting through this “simple” process!   The place was a mob scene – must’ve been at least a hundred people waiting – not to mention that it was also the first Monday of the month!  People were actually cheering whenever someone got their new license and triumphantly walked out exhausted but proud!  I really felt bad for those poor city clerks … they were totally understaffed but did their best to be cheerful and were apologizing to everyone for the delay.  At least I don’t have to do this again for another 8 years!

And now the good stuff … our good friends from Yokohama – Noriko, Mayumi, and Fumiko – came down to the IOLANI on KONA ST. store yesterday afternoon to visit & shop.  It was so nice to see them again and it sure looked like they were having a wonderful trip!  Have a safe flight back to Japan, and give our aloha to all the gang back in Yokohama!

I also forgot to include a pic of our good friends, Noriko, Junji, and Mana-chan, from Tokyo!  They came to see us last Thursday at Pakele Live! and then visited the IOLANI store the next day before flying back to Japan.  It was great to see them and I want to thank them again for all their wonderful support!

Last night we had the family over for dinner to celebrate “Edith & Keiji Kawakami Day”.  The boys came up with the idea and wanted to celebrate it with Grandma, so Nick BBQ’d steak, char siu pork, and cajun chicken, while everyone else brought the appetizers, salad, side dishes, and dessert.  It’s always nice to have the family get together, even if it’s just for a simple dinner!

Aloha, “D”


  1. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Dad!!
    Thank you for your seeing us at IOLANI!
    There were many many beautiful,and elegant design clothes, so it’s hard for us to select!
    And we were glad to see you,Carla-san,Nick, obaa-chan, and your staffs.
    They all were kind and friendly, so
    we had a heart-warmed great time☆
    And I also interested in your story about what ‘s the meaning of IOLANI’s name, your family’s history and so on. Your talking is really interesting☆☆☆
    We became more fans of you Dad and ManoaDNA, and gentle and heart-warmed smiling Mam Carla-san(^ー^)ノ♪
    (Mana said that she was interesting about talking with Carla-san, and Mana really likes
    her !)
    Obviously, your live was so special!!
    Big Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.
    (I can’t forget your advices for Junji.Especially
    gentle Junji…haha( ^ ^ )
    I’m looking forward to seeing yours, and going
    to IOLANI again .
    Love Dad! Noriko.

    • Hi Noriko!
      Mahalo again for coming to visit us at IOLANI! I really enjoyed seeing you, Junji, and Mana, and I’m glad we had a chance to visit & talk!
      It’s very difficult to visit like that when ManoaDNA is in Japan, so I’m glad we were able to while you guys were here in Hawai’i!
      Please take care, and thank you for all your support!
      Aloha, “D”