Mosquitoes! Argghhh!!

While washing my face this morning, my leg started to itch and I looked down and saw a mosquito biting me!  I took a swing at it but missed … damn!  We’ve had so much rain here recently that it probably created a perfect breeding environment for these little parasites!

Anyway … good morning, peeps!  It’s the start of another week and it looks like it’s gonna be another busy one.  First of all, this date October 4th was declared “Edith & Keiji Kawakami Day” by former mayor Mufi Hannemann two years ago, so we’re having a dinner for my mom at our house tonight.  And although my dad is no longer with us physically, I know he’ll be right there with us in spirit!  Also got lots of stuff to do for IOLANI and ManoaDNA … gotta keep the momentum going!  A BIG MAHALO! to all of you for coming down to our store to visit and support us during these tough economic times … it truly means a lot to me and my family, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk story with many of you!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I swung my squash racquet for the first time since I re-injured my wrist?  I went down to the club last Friday and did some forehand and backhand drills for about 20 minutes … my wrist was fine!  I’m going to go back today and maybe play a game or two to test it out some more … won’t push it, though – hate to re-injure it again!  I’m also going to start stand-up paddling again in order to build my core strength and endurance … I’ll definitely need it since we’ve got a busy year coming up!

Aloha, “D”


  1. You think you’re bothering with mosquitoes? Writing a MidWeek feature about bed bugs and can’t stop scratching. Twitch and itch…we’re pathetic. You probably missed the pest due to weak wrist. 🙂

    • Veeerrrry funny, Susan! I didn’t miss the mosquito because of weak wrist … I missed it because the buggah was too fast! And bedbugs?! Yuck!!