Almost normal …

‘Morning, everyone!  I think my body clock’s adjusting a lot faster this time … must be because this last trip was a short one.  I actually went to sleep at a decent time and woke up this morning feeling pretty good!

Played golf yesterday with my fellow Waialae bandits … played horribly and blamed it on the jet lag!  Yeah .. right!  I had to split right afterward since MDNA was performing at Kamuela Kahoano’s CD release party.  It was weird getting back on stage after being in Japan … whole different crowd and vibe … but it was really fun being at a venue where the music was more contemporary and mainstream.  Thanks for inviting us, Kamuela … your CD’s great!  Some of our friends from Japan – Miyuki, Noriko, Mana, and Junji – also came to see us at the party and were disappointed that we were not performing this week at Lulu’s and Kani Ka Pila Grille.   My apologies, everyone, and mahalo to Noriko & Mana for the Cheezas! 🙂

Aloha, “D”