Going home …

Aloha, everyone!

We just finished our final performance for our trip over in Roppingi today and now I’m trying to finish packing before we leave for Narita tonight. I’m always overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity that the people of Japan extend to me & my boys. Mahalo to you all for being a part of our ManoaDNA ohana … we will miss all of you but hope to see you again very soon!

Last night’s final show at Thumbs Up in Yokohama was totally AWESOME!!! The energy in the place was so electrifying and it was great to see everyone singing along with us! At the very end, people held up letter cards that spelled “Mahalo ManoaDNA!” … I was so touched, it almost brought tears to my eyes! We are SO lucky to have such wonderful friends & fans … MAHALO TO ALL OF YOU … to Chie & Hamoa for the beautiful lei and the wonderful “ALOHA YOU – KIZUNA” hula, Hiroyuki for the delicious omiyage, Kase-san for letting us use his guitar, Miki & Mika for the CDs and tee-shirts, Vance K for sitting in with us, Eiko, Keiko, Shioji-san, Aiko & Yoshiaki, Noe, Chie, Etsuko, Shinno, Misa, Mari, Arare, Akiko, Yukiko, Eri, Ayako, Tomomi, Masako, Yumi, Harumi, Yoshiko, Kimiko, Takashi, Kazumi, and all the rest of you wonderful people who came to see us! Please take care, and thank you all for being part of our “ohana”!

I also want to send a special mahalo out to our manager Ann and our “night” manager, Sam!

Well, we’re off to Narita in an hour so I’ll end here … I’ll post some pictures tomorrow after I get back home!

Aloha, “D”


  1. Aloha Dad!!!
    I’m also glad to hear that your this Japan tour successed and really memorable!
    I ,Mana and Junji have been stay at Hawaii.
    Last day, We enjoyed riding bicycle at” Honolulu century ride”.
    We feel beautiful air, sky and lots of flowers.
    And We are enjoying at beautiful Hawaii oceans and talking with “aloha” peple( ^ ^) every day.
    I thought that’s why your’s songs is beautiful and heartful!
    We miss you and have been remenbering ManoaDNA’s songs.
    I wish I ‘ll be seeing you guys at Thirsday (Will you come that time?).

    Please take care of your journey.

    With a lot of Aloha, from Hawaii ,Noriko

    I really think that this is a heaven…

    • Hi Noriko-san!
      I’m so glad you all are having a wonderful time in our beautiful islands! I missed seeing you guys at our performances in Japan this time, but hopefully we’ll see you again soon!
      We are not performing this week at Lulu’s or Kani Ka Pila but will be making a guest appearance at Kamuela Kahoano’s CD release party at the Pakele Lounge. Please take care, and see you soon!
      Aloha, “D”