Today’s Show: Aloha!

Aloha Everyone, thank you for tuning in to ManoaDNA’s Discover Aloha Radio show on 79.5 Radio-i in Nagoya, Japan.

For about a year now, ManoaDNA has been privileged to bring you our weekly show from 11:00am to 1:00pm, every Sunday. We have tried to put together a show that showcases Hawai’i, its music and its people. We have been very blessed to have some of Hawai’i’s greatest people on our show, and hopefully you have learned something in the process.

Today is a sad day, because ManoaDNA’s Discover Aloha radio show will say its final Aloha. Radio-i will be the first radio station, in the history of Japan, to close its doors and shutdown production. As a part of the Radio-i family, ManoaDNA’s Discover Aloha radio show will close down as well today at 1:00pm.

On behalf of the entire crew that helped make ManoaDNA’s Discover Aloha Radio Show a success, thank you very much for all your support. Hopefully, in some form, we will be back soon. But until then, Aloha!