We are back!! We are in Tokyo and ready to rock! Got to check out the JATA world travel fair yesterday before it opened to the public and it is pretty awesome! I didn’t really take pictures yesterday because it was a travel day, but today will be way different. I hope you all can come by today and see us! It’s going to be really fun. Check back later for some awesome pictures and stories!

Peace out DNAers!


  1. Hi, I’m Chako
    I really enjoy tour blog.
    Now my dad is sick… so I can’t go your stage.
    Very sorry.

    But I boaght your Japanese CD. I listen in my shop every day.
    I hope you all enjoy Japan!
    Say hallo to mom and grandmmom. Dothey come together?

    • Hajimemashite and yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Chako-san! I’m sorry your father is not feeling well, and I hope he recovers quickly.
      Thank you for being such a great friend and fan of ManoaDNA! Much aloha, “D”

    • Aloha chako thank you for the message!
      Please take care of your dad and hopefully we will see you next time!