Gentlemen, start your engines!!

Aloha!  Today’s going to be INSANE!  I’ve got several meetings to attend and lots of errands to run before I can start packing for our trip tomorrow.  The good news is that except for a little hoarseness in my voice, I’m feeling fine … so I’ll be good to go by the time we hit the stage in Sapporo!

Some local news:  We’ve got a new Honolulu mayor – Peter Carlisle – and it looks like Neil Abercrombie will be our next Governor after November.  I have my own opinion on these elections, but let me just say is that it doesn’t matter who gets elected because “Joe Public” (you & me) always ends up getting screwed in the end – always has, always will.  ‘Nuff said …

I went to Andy’s in Manoa yesterday morning and ordered my favorite banana pancakes and sausage … a delicious way to start of the day!  Carla also gave the puppies a bath … they really needed it because they were starting to decompose.  Of course, they hated every minute of it, but now you can actually hold them without getting light-headed … at least until they get into the next pile of who-knows-what … :-))

Aloha, “D”