Almost there …

Aloha kakahiaka, peeps!  It’s the weekend again and I’m feeling almost back to normal … of course you wouldn’t know that judging by the way I look and the sound of my voice!  No worries though, I’ll be 100% by the time I step on that plane next week … so watch out Japan ‘cuz Papa is BACK!!

We had a nice time at the Aloha Friday Luncheon yesterday … we’d like to send a HUGE  mahalo out to all of our family & friends who turned out.  Our mahalos also go out to Billy V, Bruddah Wade, the FM105 KINE gang, the Outrigger Reef Hotel and Kani Ka Pila Grille for the best Hawaiian food in Waikiki, GM Bill Comstock, Precision Sound, John Berger, Carrie Wedemeyer, and last but certainly not the least …. the two ladies who are like our second moms – Susan Sunderland and Luana Maitland!  Susan is the p.r. editor and Luana is the hospitality director for the Reef … and believe me when I say that they are the BEST!!   Uh, oh … I know I’m gonna get flack from Susan so I’d better clarify my previous statement – she & Luana are like second moms to my boys … but like sister to me!  Whew .. dodged a bullet on that one, huh? :-)  Anyway, after we did our short 20-minute performance I felt like I had just run a marathon .. I was so drained and exhausted!  But even that and a weak voice couldn’t overcome the joy of being back in the world of the living again!

Stay healthy!   Aloha, “D”

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  1. Mom, sistah or biggest fans, we ♥ Manoa DNA!