Aloha Friday & Labor Day Weekend!

Just got back from walking the puppies … I swear it seems like winter with all this rain!  But what a beautiful sight as the rain mists came down the mountains and danced across the valley like a beautiful white silk curtain being drawn across a stage.  Ahhh, Manoa!

Well, the U.H. Warriors lost to USC last night 49 – 36 but I gotta tell you … I was pretty impressed with the boys from Manoa, especially the offense!  It looks like the excitement is back in U.H. football and I hope they do well.  I didn’t go to the game yesterday because I played golf with my Thursday group … ended up shooting a pretty good round of 81 and won the jackpot!  Nice!  Afterward, I went and picked up my old college buddy, Rob, who was visiting from LA and staying at the Hyatt Waikiki.  I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years, but he still looked the same except older (don’t we all?).  By the way, there’s a labor strike going on at the Hyatt – lots of employees holding signs and marching around the hotel and creating chaos in the area.  You would think that with the tough economy and job losses, these guys would be happy having a job … I just don’t get it!

It’s the Labor Day Weekend, folks … lots of stuff happening for ManoaDNA, including our CD release party at the Kani Ka Pila Grille tomorrow from 6 to 9pm, and Lulu’s tonight – so have a good one and be safe!   Aloha, “D”