Cruisin’ today ….

Alooooohaaa, everyone!  Welcome to another gorgeous day in paradise!  We’re about to take our puppies for their morning walk, so I’ll probably have to continue this after we get back.  By the way, I got a new Fuji camera yesterday so I’ll be sure to shoot some pics while we’re out … stay tuned!

We’re back and as I should have expected, the day I have my camera ready there are no good photo opportunities!  Oh  well … maybe tomorrow.

I’ve got to go to Home Depot today and get some supplies to do some much needed repair work around our house.  I also have to stop at Best Buy and pick up a photo printer for work before heading on over to the club to get in a workout.  Hmmm … maybe I can sneak next door to Costco and get their hot dog & drink special!  Nah .. not a good idea to eat a hot dog right before working out!  And later we’re off to Kani Ka Pila Grille for our regular  Saturday performance under the stars!

Aloha, “D”