Kahala Hotel

It’s 6am and another beautiful but rainy morning here in Manoa.  As I look up into the valley I can see the rain showers gently flowing down the mountains like a delicate mist … ah, paradise!  I’m having some oatmeal and coffee before we take the brats (aka, puppies) out for their morning walk.  They’re back into their “rock collecting” mode again – we’re finding golf ball-sized rocks which they drag into the house to chew on.  Like I said before – they’re cute but weird!!

Yesterday I had a meeting at the beautiful Kahala Hotel.  It’s the only other 5-star hotel here on O’ahu and it’s uniquely nestled between the 1st and 3rd tees at the Waialae Country Club in the quiet neighborhood of Waialae Kahala.  My parents used to take us to the Maile Room for dinner quite often, and I would sit for hours by the saltwater pond watching the fish and dolphins … they even had a couple of penguins for a while!  The ambience at the Kahala is so different than in Waikiki, and I encourage all of you to visit or stay there at least once!

We’re all set for our “EVOLUTION” CD party at the Kani Ka Pila Grille next Saturday, Sept. 4th, from 6 to 9pm.  Come on down and join the fun … there’ll be lots of giveaways including a KoAloha ukulele!  On stage, you’ll enjoy some of Hawai’i’s finest musicians like Kapala, Herb Ohta Jr., Kamuela Kahoano, and others, so I hope to see you all there!

Aloha, “D”


  1. This is a cute pic of the pups! Good shot, dad.

  2. Hi Dad!! I’m envy…I want to stay Kahala!!! I love dolphine:) Is there honu? I love Honu too! Honu dezign is put on a my first KoAloha ukulele.
    And I wanna go to your CD release party…

    • Hi Masako-san!
      Yes, the Kahala is a beautiful hotel! I’m not sure whether they have honu now .. they used to many years ago.