Special visitor!

Aloha, everyone!  Well, yesterday was quite exciting down at our IOLANI on KONA ST. store – U.S. Senator Dan Inouye and his wife, Irene, dropped by for a visit along with their security detail of Secret Service personnel.  Sen. Inouye was a very good friend of my late dad and they served together in Europe during WWII with the 442nd RCT.  He and my mom had a nice time talking story and catching up while Carla and her staff helped Irene shop.  After they were done, we all went to have lunch at Yanagi Sushi before the senator and his wife were whisked off to their next appointment.   I know my dad was looking down on us with a big smile on his face!

Our special visitors - Sen. Inouye & his wife, Irene

Since I still can’t play squash because of my wrist, I started jogging again.  Yesterday afternoon I decided to jog around the Kakaako Waterfront Park, and found it quite pleasant!  It’s the same park where the Ukulele Picnic is held and it’s a wonderful place to surf, fish, jog, or just relax.  It also fronts one of my favorite bodysurfing spots, Point Panic, with Shark Hole and Kewalo’s right across the channel.  When I was in high school, my buddies and I would cut classes (don’t tell my mom!) and head to Panic’s whenever the surf was up – it had the best body surfing break in town!

I have a couple more meetings today and then a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  I feel like eating Mexican tonight, so I think I’ll go pick up some take-out a Serg’s in Manoa … yum!  Oh, and here’s a pic of MDNA in front of our MDNA section at IOLANI on KONA ST. … come visit us soon!  Aloha, “D”

MDNA at IOLANI on KONA ST. .. "E komo mai!"

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  1. So cool about Sen. Inouye’s visit. Also pointed pics on my Facebook page. Excitement on Kona Street!