Calm Tuesday ….

Aloha, everyone!  Things are finally settling down a bit this week  for both MDNA and IOLANI, and we actually have some time to catch our breath!  I had a couple of meetings yesterday and have a couple this morning, but other than that, it’s going to be a pretty mellow day.  Yesterday would also have been my mom & dad’s 63rd wedding anniversary – “Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!” – so I went down to Lin’s Lei Shop on Maunakea St. to get her a lei.  I like to go to Chinatown to pick up lei but the parking really sucks, so whenever downtown is in gridlock I just drive out to the lei shops by the airport.  The assortment and prices aren’t as good as downtown, but there’s always plenty of parking right in front of the stands and the lei are always fresh!

We had some Thai food take-out last night for dinner  – there was red curry, yellow curry, noodles, and spring rolls.  Bangkok Chef is located right here in Manoa and is like the “McDonald’s” of Thai cuisine.  The food’s ok but the amount of chili pepper heat can vary greatly depending who happens to be the cook that night!  Eating spicy food again made me miss our beloved Nanak Indian restaurant in Japan … did I tell you guys that we ate there twice during our stop in Fukuoka two weeks ago?  There’s something very euphoric about eating “level 5” curry with rice and a huge piece of naan bread … oh, what bliss!!!

Aloha, “D”

Nanak's chicken curry w/ rice & naan bread