Early day again (ugh!)

Aloha Kakahiaka, peeps!  It’s Wednesday morning and I’ve been up since 6AM for two reasons: one, I have to walk the puppies because our pal, Linda, deserted us 🙂 (nah, she went back to Seattle for a few weeks!), and two, I have a breakfast meeting with a good friend of mine at a place called Harry’s Cafe located right in Kakaako near our IOLANI store.  Harry’s is a small, neighborhood diner that serves local “comfort” food … stuff like corn beef hash w/ eggs on fried rice, kim chee omelets with lup chong, grilled fresh(?) island fish w/ eggs & rice, or a mixed plate consisting of eggs, rice, spam, bacon, lup chong, and pancakes (burp!) … you sort of get the picture.  The place itself is a dive, from formica chairs and tables to a menu that’s written on everything from butcher paper to chalkboard with a magic marker or chalk!  Foods not bad, though … especially after an early “dawn patrol” (surfing) at Ala Moana.

We’re meeting with our good friend, Reiko Rogers, of Studio Rim Hawai’i at a place called Miyabi tonight.  I’ve never been there, but she says it’s good for izakaya so we’re gonna check it out.  I’ll let you know how it is ….

Aloha, “D”