We’re home!!

We’re back!!  It was so nice to step off the plane yesterday and feel the cool trade winds on my face again!  And when we got home the puppies greeted us by running rings around the yard and jumping up and down like fleas!  I spent most of the day napping to the sound of the cool Manoa breezes and occasional rain shower that blew through the valley … this is truly Paradise!  Also called my mom and she was so happy to hear that we were finally home …

It’s now Tuesday morning and I haven’t really started feeling the effects of jet lag yet … I’ll probably run out of gas later on today.  I’ve got a ton of emails and phone calls to make this morning before I head down to IOLANI.  I’m also going to try and get in a workout at the Honolulu Club sometime today … maybe even try  little squash since my wrist seems to be feeling much better.  ManoaDNA is taking this week off to recuperate and Alex is even planning to go to Las Vegas for a few days with his pals!

Here are some pics which I promised you guys …. of course, it’s all food since eating is our favorite pastime when we’re in Japan!  I’ll send more pics tomorrow … Aloha, “D”.

Check out the 10-patty burger in Fukuoka ... what the?!!
Our beloved NANAK Indian restaurant - so ono!
Seafood katsu .... winner!!
Our final meal in Japan ... awesome!!


  1. Wow, that seafood katsu looks ono! Welcome home guys!

    • Hey Susan! Yeah, the food was awesome and it was so hot & humid that we could easily sweat off the calories!

  2. You guys are so tough. Genki desu ne~.
    Before I left Fukuoka, I went to Ippudo which you went, and ate the white soup ramen. It was good.

    • Ippu-do is awesome! We ate the Hakata ramen and also ordered the extra noodles .. along with the nama beeru, of course!