Mahalo Japan!

What a great trip! Thank you very much for all your support and Aloha!

Today was the last day of our Summer 2010 Tour, and we have had a great time! Thank you all those who came out to see us in Yokohama, Tokyo & Fukuoka! Everyday was a blast and we hope you all had fun with us!

We will be back in September, so stay tuned here on or our Japanese blog at

Mahalo Fukuoka and Mahalo Japan!


  1. Beautiful!! What a plenty people…I wanted to see fireworks show too!

  2. Aloha, Nick!
    I was happy to see you again & talk to you:) How was this Japan Tour? You went to Disney Sea, Fuji Yama… Sound GOOD(^^)b
    I hope to see you next tour in September! Take care!

    Aloha from Hiroshima, NAO♪

  3. @Masako Mahalo Masako! It was beautiful!

    @Nao Matsuura The Japan tour was awesome! Hopefully we see you in September!