Mahalo みんあさん!

Thank you everyone for making this whole trip a HUGE success! ManoaDNA Summer Tour 2010 was so much fun, and I hope everyone enjoyed it too! 本当! 本当! 本当にありがとうございます!  楽しかった。 マハロでございます。 

Thank you everyone for all the presents! This is just a small sample from the lot!


  1. Thank you for a wonderful stage for Nick and yesterday. It was very happy. The event of Fukuoka works hard, too. And, it returns home to Hawaii taking care. It assists from Japan.

  2. Aloha, Nick!
    Ototoi no LIVE, minasan totemo suteki deshita.
    Watashi ha tokuni KA’A AHI KAHULUI ga suki desu.
    Mochiron, ALOHA YOU KIZUNA mo!
    Mata issho ni utatte odotte kudasai.
    A hui hou!