Quiet Monday in Tokyo!

Konnichi wa, everybody! I had a nice leisurely day today .. the boys went sightseeing to Mt. Fuji so I cruised around Tamachi for awhile and then had lunch with our good friend, Kazuyo, at my favorite tempura restaurant near the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. I had a delicious chirashi dish (assorted sashimi on rice) along with some miso soup and tsukemono. I decided to walk back to our hotel – big mistake! It only took about a half hour, but in this heat it seemed like forever! By the time I got back, I was soaked in sweat and had to change all my clothes! But I did find a great tonkatsu restaurant and beer garden across the street from our hotel, though!

Lea brought over some fresh peaches and mochi (sorry … can’t remember from where) and they were ONO!! I can’t get over how fresh and sweet all the fruits are here in Japan … much better than the tasteless, overpriced stuff we find in our markets back home. I just don’t get it …..

Aloha, “D”