Just cruisin’ today ….

Good morning, everyone! It’s day #10 here in Japan and the heat and humidity still sucks … I’ve been taking a couple of showers a day and drinking a ton of water and sports drinks so I don’t get dehydrated. Today we’re just cruising .. we’ve been on the go since we landed in Japan last week so it’s nice to have a couple of days of doing nothing. I have to do laundry this morning and catch up on my emails, and then we’ll probably head in to Ginza to eat & shop later today.

Disney Sea was a blast yesterday! We saw a couple of short performances in the Indiana Jones’ and Little Mermaid sections and I was totally blown away! The shows were awesome – just the Cirque du Soleil shows you see in Las Vegas except on s smaller scale! I was amazed at how sophisticated these little productions have become … boy. Disney has sure changed from when I was a kid!

Aloha, “D”


  1. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Dad☆
    Did you drunk a ton of water?(^ ワ^)
    It’s interesting!

    If you’ll go to Ginza, you’ll better to get GIOTTE’s CHOCOLAT NOIRE cake!
    That’s rich chocolate cake and so delicious! If you like chocolate cake, try it!
    That store is Ginza-Mitsukoshi B1 floor.
    I’m sorry I can’t get and bring iit to you!

    with Aloha, Noriko♪


    • Aloha Noriko-san!
      Yes we drank lots of water and energy drink yesterday because it was so hot! I will have to try the CHOCOLAT NOIRE cake when I go to Ginza next week!
      Aloha, “D”