We went to Disney Sea yesterday and it was awesome!! It was super hot….but still fun!! We went on all the rides we could and ate a lot of food but at the end of the day I was so tired. I really want to do that again though very soon!
Check out the pictures below from our adventure –


  1. You guys look fun!!
    But, It was so ATUKKAT yesterday…Are you OK?
    I’ve never been to Disney Sea yet…
    I’ll try to go there when the weather gets cooler:)

    I found a cool space in Tokyo on TV news yesterday!
    Please check it out…


  2. Alooooha, Alex!!
    It is hot every day. Are you safe?
    Everyone seems to be very happy. I envy you~~~
    The stage of “ThumbsUp” was the highest.
    Song and your sweet singing voice is wonderful.(^~^)
    And, I was very glad to dance(HULA)with your song. Thank you so much!!

    I am looking forward to last stage.(EAST and MEETS Cay)
    SEE YOU~~

  3. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Alex!
    Mahalo for up these photos! It looks like so interesting♪
    Have you ever been to Japan as “tourirt”?
    There are many interesting and beautiful place, so
    I wanna take you guys to these place,If I can.(may be another fans
    also think about it☆may be!)

    One of my favorite place is temples. “Kamakura” is nice near Tokyo.
    Many people is there near the komachi-street,but
    walikng toward far from kamakura-station, there is a quiet and beautiful
    old temples.
    If you have a chance, it’s interesting to go there(^ â—‹<)

    with much Aloha,Noriko☆

    • Aloha noriko,

      I love to play tourist! The kamakura temple is very nice, we got to go there a couple of years ago!