We went to Disney Sea yesterday and it was awesome!! It was super hot….but still fun!! We went on all the rides we could and ate a lot of food but at the end of the day I was so tired. I really want to do that again though very soon!
Check out the pictures below from our adventure –


5 thoughts on “Disney!

  1. Kanako Hayashi 12 years ago

    You guys look fun!!
    But, It was so ATUKKAT yesterday…Are you OK?
    I’ve never been to Disney Sea yet…
    I’ll try to go there when the weather gets cooler:)

    I found a cool space in Tokyo on TV news yesterday!
    Please check it out…


    1. alex 12 years ago

      Aloha kanako,
      Yes Disney sea was hot! You have to go there it’s so fun!

  2. shino 12 years ago

    Alooooha, Alex!!
    It is hot every day. Are you safe?
    Everyone seems to be very happy. I envy you~~~
    The stage of “ThumbsUp” was the highest.
    Song and your sweet singing voice is wonderful.(^~^)
    And, I was very glad to dance(HULA)with your song. Thank you so much!!

    I am looking forward to last stage.(EAST and MEETS Cay)
    SEE YOU~~

  3. NORIKO and MANA 12 years ago

    Aloha Alex!
    Mahalo for up these photos! It looks like so interesting♪
    Have you ever been to Japan as “tourirt”?
    There are many interesting and beautiful place, so
    I wanna take you guys to these place,If I can.(may be another fans
    also think about it☆may be!)

    One of my favorite place is temples. “Kamakura” is nice near Tokyo.
    Many people is there near the komachi-street,but
    walikng toward far from kamakura-station, there is a quiet and beautiful
    old temples.
    If you have a chance, it’s interesting to go there(^ â—‹<)

    with much Aloha,Noriko☆

    1. alex 12 years ago

      Aloha noriko,

      I love to play tourist! The kamakura temple is very nice, we got to go there a couple of years ago!

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