I’m hot!

It’s 4:30am and the air conditioning in my room is not working so well. Ir’s on high but barely keeping the room cool … not good in all this heat! We went to Chinatown in Yokohama last night to have dinner with our dear friends, the Taguchis, and they took us to the great Chinese restaurant that we ate at the first time we came to Yokohama. Their shark fin soup is out of this world and the kau yuk pork and walnut shrimp was also pretty awesome! Mahalo, Taguchis!

I tell you, this heat is killing us. It really wears you down both physically and mentally and I have to make sure we stay focused and sharp for our performances and interviews. Oh, and by the way, the internet at our hotel restricts access to Facebook and Twitter, so we apologize if you don’t see the usual updates and photos. I will try to resolve this as soon as I can.

We’ll be at Moon Romantic tonight at 8am in Aoyama, so I hope to see you there!

Aloha, “D”


  1. It’s been deadly hoooot here in Japan. Take care! We all hope that the heat will be better and you will enjoy the rest of your stay here.

    • Aloha Maki & Chief,
      Yes, it seems much hotter now here in Tokyo! It’s very difficult to walk anywhere in this heat, so we take the subway and trains a lot.
      Mahalo, “D”