Moved House

Today we moved hotels to be closer to Tokyo, but we realized that the internet offered at the hotel does not let us go on facebook or twitter so I’m sorry if I don’t update my other blogs as often!

We don’t have any performances today so we are just relaxing and getting our rest. While waiting to check in to our hotel, we event to a great udon place that we’ve never been to. It was great かけうどん and I want to go back!! Check out the pictures below…

Anyways, it’s nap time so I’ll talk to you all later!


  1. Aloha!Alex.

    I like this udon restaurant.It’s yummy.

    Then I think good eating place here.
    伝説のすた丼(Legendary Sutadon)
    This eating place is famous for “Sutadon”.
    Sutadon is Grade-B gourmet.
    Pork & egg on rice, garlic and soy sauce … yummy!!!!
    try it someday!

  2. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Alex☆
    I was so glad to see you again on sunday, at corret mare.
    I really enjoyed your gigs, and talk with you!

    By the way, if you like noodle,
    you’d better to try”tsuke-men”.(Have you ever ear it?)
    It is a separate noodle and soup ,and we eat noodle putting into soups by each bite.
    (I can’t speak English well,so do you understand?If you are not, I’m sorry!)

    Then, I ‘m looking fowared to see you tomorrow!
    (I can’t go to Today’s gigs…”zannen!”)
    And take care of sunstroke!

    • Aloha, Noriko-san!
      I would like to try “tsuke-men” on this trip … it sounds so delicious!
      Mahalo, “D”

    • Aloha noriko and mana!
      Thanks so much for coming to see us! I will try the noodles this trip if I can, thanks and see you soon!

  3. Welcome back to JAPAN!!
    I went to YOKOHAMA and saw your 1st stage in Landmark on 16th.
    I saw the stage from your leftside stairs with my friend.
    I couldn’t meet&talk to you thistime,but I’m happy to see MANOADNA’s happy powerful stage again.

    And I’m glad to see this blog too.
    Because SANUKI UDON is my hometown’s food! It’s my soul food!
    So,I’m glad you like it.
    Well,if you eat UDON in KAGAWA oversea HIROSIMA,you will be amazed that taste exactly.
    Someday, you should go KAGAWA and eat UDON there!
    Enjoy JAPANESE life!! I wish see you again soon.

    • Aloha rei! Thanks for coming to see us! We had a super good time and we hope to see you soon!
      Aloha for now!

  4. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Alex!
    Thank you for your fantastic peformances yesterday!
    Your bluesharp(is it OK?) is so nice!!! as same as your singing♥

    Of caurse I love Maoa’s songs, but also love the song that
    your covered” I’m yours”!
    So I was happy to listen it ☆

    And I also enjoyed talking about surfin with you(>▽<) Mahalo and I'm looking foward to see you again! with Aloha, Noriko (I'm also looking foward to comunicate with twitter♪ aloha-norimana

  5. Aloha♪ Alex!
    I went to Yokohama from Kyoto to see Manoa DNA!
    I was Happy to shake hands with you.

    “Marugame Seimen” ,there’re many shops in Kansai erea,too.
    ..But I’ve never eaten .
    I’ll go and try some☆

    I like Udon,It’s nice to eat Udon in Kagawa pre. in Shikoku erea.
    Udon in Kagawa pre. is very delicious♪

    I’m looking for meeting you again.

    See you !


    • Aloha kozue,
      Thanks for coming to see us from Kyoto, that’s awesome!
      The udon here is great so I’ll be eating it everyday!
      Haha aloha!