Back in Tokyo

Hello everyone! Aloha, Konnichiwa, Talofa!

Took this picture today. What happened yesterday?!

We are very happy to be back in Tokyo for the second leg of our trip. Hope everyone had fun in Yokohama and gets some rest before tomorrow nights show! See you all then!


  1. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Nick!
    I had a happy time at Yokohama corret mare last day,mahalo!
    That time,I thought you became so slim rather than at May Japan tour.
    Take care of sunstroke,and take much drinks!
    I ‘ll go to Yokohama Thums up tomorrow so I’m looking foward to see you!
    Please pray me to finish my work smoosely and go to your gigs before start
    (^ ^)
    from Noriko☆

  2. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Alex!
    I’m glad to see you and talk with you yesterday!
    Nick,you are so interesting!!
    I watched you of your funny things during gigs(^ワ^)

    I’m glad to enjoy your performances,Mahalo!
    (Of caurse,your uklele,guiter and singing also so
    But, your exercise talk(about drink beer exercise) is really really interesting!!
    I’ll go to OKAYAMA by my job today, and so
    I’m looking foward to listen to your songs during journy on shinkansen!

    I’m looking foward to see you again!

    with Aloha,Noriko☆