Back in Tokyo!

We just checked in to our Tokyo hotel and it’s kind of tiny … The door to my room is only 6ft. high so Nick & Alex will have to duck every time they enter! it’s ok, though, since we won’t be spending too much time in them (I hope!). And it’s probably hotter here than in Yokohama since we’re not by the ocean anymore ….

We went to a great udon restaurant in Gotanda – I can’t recall the name, but it’s part of a large chain. After you order a small or large size bowl of udon noodles, you can then pick whatever toppings you want and also choose from an assortment of tempura. I had the curry udon and it was great, but now I’m full and very sleepy! Plus, we’re meeting our friends, the Taguchis, in Yokohama’s Chinatown for dinner in a couple of hours! I’ll let you know how our first night goes here in our new location …

Hope to see you guys tomorrow or Wednesday!

Aloha, “D”


  1. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Dad
    I was really glad to see you again
    Yesterday was so windy and hot, but we really
    enjoyed your gigs!
    I was also glad to meet and talk with your fans( ^ ^ )

    I’ll go to Yokohama Thums up and am looking foward
    to see you again!Please take care of sunstroke
    (have much “pocali-sweat”〜that is kind of sport drink
    include many minerals〜better than water)

    with much aloha,Noriko

    • Aloha, Noriko-san!
      It was so nice to see you & Mana last Sunday – thank you for coming! We are now back in Tokyo and are preparing for our next two performances in Aoyama and Yokohama. We look forward to seeing you again at Thumbs Up!
      Mahalo, “D”

  2. Hi,Dad!
    Thank you for the highest stage for two days!!
    It is very very hot everyday…daijyoubudesuka?
    We(shino&yuka)will go to see your Live on Wednesday.(ThumbsUp)
    I’m looking forward to your Live!!
    see you Wednesday~~~

    • Aloha, Shino-san!
      It was great to see you again, and thank you so much for coming to see us at Aloha Yokohama! Although it was very hot & humid, we are very grateful that all of you came out to support ManoaDNA! See you soon!
      Mahalo, “D”

  3. Hi Lloyd–sounds like you are having a great time eating your way through Tokyo and Yokohama!! And singing a little bit too. 🙂 It’s been fun here too with Elinor–she’s amazing–always wants to be on the go!! The baby shower yesterday was very loud and crazy–Carla did a fabulous job as usual and I think Jenna and Kathy were very happy. 🙂 Have a great week GodFather—does this mean I have to kiss your ring now–chuckle. Aloha, Linda Lee

    • Hey LL …
      Yes we’re eating & drinking a lot, but it’s because it takes our mind off this awful heat & humidity! Yesterday it was 96 degrees with 90% humidity .. just gross! We’re now staying in a very small hotel just south of Tokyo. The air conditioning in the rooms don’t work too well and their internet restricts access to Facebook & Twitter .. I’m seriously thinking of moving us somewhere else.