Aloha Yokohama is finished!

Aloha, everyone! It’s Monday and we’re packing up to move back to Tokyo after 3 very hot & humid days performing at the Aloha Yokohama Festival. It was great to see everyone again and I hope to see you at Moon Romantic (7/20), Thumbs Up (7/21), or Eats and Meets CAY (7/27). At those shows, we will be performing more of MDNA’s original compositions and contemporary style music. So please come on down and bring your friends … I guarantee you’ll have a great time!

I’ll send you more updates after we check in to our hotel. But until then … mata ne?

Mahalo, “D”

One Comment

  1. Aloha!Dad!

    It was very very hot day in Yokohama!

    I went to Yokohama from Kyoto in the morning of that day,
    It was very hard ,but I enjoyed your playng and I was happy to be there with you!

    Thanks Dad,
    see you again.