Heat, music, and food!

Good morning, peeps! It’s Day #3 for us here in Yokohama, and I’m actually doing pretty well although I’m still waking up at 4am because of the jet lag! We had a busy day of performances yesterday, with two at Ohsambashi Pier and one at Yamashita Park. Two of the gigs were outside and the heat was unbelievable! Now I know why everyone leaves Japan during July & August! The crowds were great, though, and we were able to meet up with a lot of our fans in between performances.

It was great to see our good friend Yutaka again after he moved back to Japan a few months ago. We also dropped by Lei Hale last night to enjoy some slack-key and hula by our friends, Akio and Eriko Kase … mahalo for the hospitality you guys! Ok .. gotta run to our final two gigs here at Aloha Yokohama Festival. We’ll be at Bay Quarter at noon and then at Colette Mare at 4PM … hope to see you all there!

I’m baaaackk …. and I gotta tell you – Bay Quarter definitely lived up to its reputation as the hottest place on this earth! It was SO hot that our shirts literally looked like we had all jumped in the swimming pool! On top of that, we had to sign CDs in the sun for about 45 minutes! I was perspiring so much that sweat was dripping off my shirt on to my shoes! But the crowd was awesome and really enjoyed the show which made all the sweating worthwhile. After that we headed over to Colette Mare which is a new shopping mall near our hotel, and had our final performance for the festival. There was a large and vocal crowd there to support us and we even did THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL with Aureana to give the show a little twist – the crowd LOVED IT! While we were signing CDs, some ladies brought ice cold beer for us (yesss!) and also some Lipovitan vitamin drink … cute, yeah?

Ok .. we’re gonna go get some well-deserved food & libations with our friends before we hit the hay early tonight. Tomorrow we head back to Tokyo and a different hotel and start preparing for our shows at Moon Romantic (Aoyama) on Tuesday, and Thumbs Up (Yokohama) on Wednesday.

Mahalo, Yokohama! A hui hou!

Aloha, “D”