おはよう ございます! Aloha Kakahiaka! Good morning everyone! ManoaDNA is back in the land of the rising sun and very excited! This trip will have stops in Yokohama, Tokyo & Fukuoka, and we hope to see everyone soon!


3 thoughts on “Good Morning From Yokohama

  1. Maki & Chif 12 years ago

    We will be coming to ThumbsUp on 21st … can’t wait!

    1. dad 12 years ago

      Mahalo, Maki-san! See you guys then!

      Aloha, “D”

  2. NORIKO and MANA 12 years ago

    Aloha Nick!
    I had a happy time at Yokohama corret mare last day,mahalo!
    That time,I thought you became so slim rather than at May Japan tour.
    Take care of sunstroke,and take much drinks!
    I ‘ll go to Yokohama Thums up tomorrow so I’m looking foward to see you!
    Please pray me to finish my work smoosely and go to your gigs before start
    (^ ^)
    from Noriko☆

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