Got an iPad … finally!

Hey peeps!  I went and got an iPad yesterday for our trip to Japan … it’s different from my laptop and takes some getting used to.  I bought a wireless keyboard so I don’t have to use the touch pad to type my emails & blogs.  I could never get used to the touch pad keys on my iPhone – it drove me crazy!  So far everything’s working ok ….

It looks like our store may not be able to open by Thursday, July 15th, but please call us at 593-4522 to find out our status.  I’m sorry for this delay, but we must comply with all the city regulations before they will allow us to open.  People have already started coming by to visit, and we invite them in if we happen to see them outside.  Yesterday, our friends Misa, Mina, and Miwa, came in to visit and we had a nice time.  I let them try some of our Kaua’i Kookies’ exclusive Banzai cookies which has bits of  furikake and arare in it, and they loved it!  They also bought some IOLANI garments which fit them beautifully!

The girls enjoy some shopping time at the IOLANI store!

I’ve got quite a bit of things to do before we leave for Japan, so I’m off to my first meeting this morning.  Take care …

Aloha, “D”


  1. Hi,DAD! How are you?
    Do you remember me?
    Congratulations on the opening of the shop. It is a wonderful shop.
    I want also to go!!

    Japan is hot on the weekend!!
    Please come to Japan taking care.
    It is enjoyment of me,because it meets you soon!!

    • Aloha, Shino-san!
      Thank you for your kind email! We are leaving for Japan today and are very excited to be returning.
      I know it will be very hot & humid, but I think we’ll be prepared! I look forward to seeing you soon!
      Mahalo, “D”