Happy 4th of July!

POP! BANG! BOOOM!!  That’s the sound of fireworks exploding today as we celebrate our nation’s day of independence and freedom!  The streets of Waikiki were packed with visitors and locals last night and Kani Ka Pila was no different.   We had another fun and very vocal crowd – mahalo to you all for choosing to spend your evening with ManoaDNA!  Nick even sang “GOD BLESS THE USA” and Michael Buble’s “HOME” for the very appreciative audience!  I want to thank the ladies from Outrigger, Jackie McGuire and his ohana, Randy, Tierney, Gregg, Kelsey, Ruthann, Sonya, Haley, Kalei, Scott, MIna, Misa, Sae, Shion, Yumi, Atsuko, Tadao, Susan, Darilyn, Coach Gordy and the California ohana, and the rest of our dear friends and family who were there to support us!  A very special aloha to our pal, Misa, who will be moving back to Japan later this month – we’ll miss you LOTS!

I plan to spend a quiet day today – we’re taking my mom to breakfast this morning and then I might go for a leisurely run later this afternoon.  The boys are joining their friends down in Waikiki for a barbecue so they’ll be gone for the whole day.   Please have a safe & fun holiday, everyone!

Aloha, “D”