It’s the weekend!

Another windy & rainy morning here in Manoa, and the puppies are bugging us to take them for a walk!  Well, it’s the 4th of July weekend and I want to try and get as much rest as I can because the next week and a half is going to be nuts!  Not only is this the final week before our IOLANI store opening on July 15th, but ManoaDNA also leaves for Japan next week!  Yes, chaos continues to reign in the Kawakami household …

I hope you guys were able to catch our ManoaDNA Live! on the internet last night at Lulu’s.  I sat on a bar stool all night because I forgot my guitar strap – again!  I perspire a lot when performing and my strap usually gets soaked – so as soon as I get home, I leave my strap outside to dry out.  Unfortunately, I forgot to grab it when we left for Lulu’s yesterday, thus the bar stool!  I saw a lot of old friends and met some new ones last night .. Coach Gordy with his friends from California, Stacia from Missouri, Guy, Jim, and their group from El Paso and Austin, Texas, Keola and his family, and all the rest who came down to enjoy our music!

Tonight we’re at Kani Ka Pila and it will be our last Hawai’i performance for a while since we’ll be leaving for Japan soon.  We’ll be back in August though, so I hope we see you guys then!

Aloha, “D”