Clock’s ticking ….

Anticipation grows as preparations continue for the opening of our new IOLANI on KONA ST. store!  I’ll be hanging pictures and shelving on the walls today in between meetings and interviews so it looks like I have another full day ahead of me!  Our official opening day will now be July 15th due to some unexpected construction delays, but everyone is working very hard and we will complete it in time!  I hope you all will come and see the new store … in fact, I don’t call it a store – I call it the IOLANI experience!

You’re not going to believe this – since I’ve been playing squash with my left hand, I’m now starting to develop tennis elbow!  So now I have tendinitis in my right wrist AND left elbow … what a basket case!  I’m falling apart!  I think I’m going to have to take up another sport …

Just got my new Casio G-Shock 7900 sport watch … I’ve always loved Casio watches because they’re cheap, durable, and waterproof.  I broke my last Casio watch a couple of years ago and always wanted to get a new one, so when I saw this white G-Shock, I immediately ordered one.  Love it!!!

Aloha, “D”

Finally ... a watch I can actually see!


  1. NORIKO and MANA

    I wanna go to IOLANI store!
    By the way, what is the elbow teniss ? I can’t image it,but it’s so funny !!!!(hahaha♪)
    Why Dad is so interesting? but I love Dad〜!(^ ○^)/♥


    • Aloha, Noriko-san!
      Please visit our store when you come to Hawai’i next time! Also, please invite your friends to visit us too!
      Tennis elbow is tendinitis of the elbow joint – it’s when the tendon in the elbow becomes swollen and painful. Itai desu, but daijobu!
      Mahalo, Lloyd

  2. NORIKO and MANA

    Aloha Dad☆
    At first ,I’m so sorry for my misunderstood!!
    I thought “tennis elbow” is the kind of tennis game(☆O☆),
    so I tell you “funny”!
    I jumped to conclusions…
    Now I understand what this is.

    I’m really sorry, and I wish your elbow and wrist become better!
    Please take care and “muri-shinaide kudasaine!”

    with much Aloha★Noriko