Monday, 6/21

Aloha & good morning, my peeps!  I had a GREAT Father’s Day yesterday – everyone gathered at our house for a family barbecue which Nick & Alex organized.  As usual, I ate way too much so I’m going to go for a run later this afternoon to work off some of those excess calories!  A big mahalo to my family for making my day so special!

And now back to work – got a full day ahead with meetings and errands to take care of in preparation for the new IOLANI store opening in July.  MDNA will also be busy with rehearsals, radio, and gigs – we’ll be at the Pakele Lounge on Thursday for Pakele Live!, then at Lulu’s on Friday, and then at the Mauna Lani on Saturday for Twilight @ Kalahuipua’a!  Whew .. it’s gonna be one hectic week!

Alex brought us a huge bag of M&M peanut candy the other day – 56 ounces worth!  That’s almost 4lbs. of candy … it’ll take us a year to try and finish that (well .. maybe not quite a year!).  My mom also brought over some great macadamia nut puffed rice candy … this stuff is the bomb!  It’s made by a company called Sweet Charlotte in Aiea, and it’s really delicious!

Aloha, “D”

Macadamia puffed rice candy ... so ono, but lots of calories!