Saturday, June 19th

GOOOOOD MORNING, EVERYONE!!  A fun evening at Lulu’s last night – nice mix of locals and mainland & Japan tourists – plus, the sound was much better since we brought some of our own equipment.  I don’t understand why many local venues have such horrible sound systems for their live music.  It’s like they’re shooting themselves in the foot – why have good entertainment if your sound sucks??  They just don’t get it …

After Lulu’s, I didn’t stop at Zippy’s for their great chili moco but instead went home and had some stuffed salmon and brown rice fried rice from Diamond Head Market.  It was sooo ono … the salmon had a seafood stuffing and the fried rice was real local style!  And what better way to top off a great meal like that than with a couple of cups of delicious Maui sherbet … YUMMM!

My wrist is much better today although it still hurts when I move it the wrong way.  Yesterday I played some left-handed squash with my buddies and, like an idiot, I tried hitting a shot with my right hand … WRONG!!  Man, the pain was so intense I not only saw stars, I saw the entire constellation!!  Won’t do that again!

We won’t be a Kani Ka Pila tonight since we’ll be performing at a private function.  Be sure to come on down to the Pakele Lounge in the Ala Moana Hotel this Thursday, 6/24, where we’ll be performing for Pakele Live.  If you can’t make it, you can always watch it live on the internet.  We’ll also be back at Lulu’s on Friday, and then head on over to the Big Island on Saturday for Danny Akaka’s Twilight @ Kalahuipua’a over at the Mauna Lani.  And oh yeah … don’t forget to check out our new IOLANI @ KONA ST. store which opens next month!

Aloha, “D”