I’m getting lazy!

Another late blog!  Hmmm .. I must be getting lazy in my old age! :-)  It’s Tuesday afternoon here in Hawai’i nei and I’m sitting in my office at IOLANI trying to catch up on some paperwork.  I had a breakfast meeting at Likelike Drive Inn this morning and had my usual fried rice, two eggs (over easy), and a hamburger patty.  I remember eating at LDI several times a week after we were done with our gigs … we’d come straggling in at around 2am along with all the other local entertainers and order saimin, fried rice, hamburger steak, loco moco, beef cutlet, or any of the other “comfort food” dishes that LDI was famous for.  When I was a kid, LDI used to have car service where the waitress would bring the food to your car on a window tray and hang it on your car door …. the old KC Drive Inn also used to do the same thing.  Boy, I sure miss the good ‘ole days!

We’ll be performing out at Kualoa Ranch’s  big anniversary celebration tomorrow.  We’ve been good friends with owner John Morgan and his family for many years – in fact, their sons Jason and Kyle were classmates of Nick and Alex at Punahou.  Should be a fun time .. I’ll be sure to take some pics! (yeah .. right!)

Aloha, “D”