Zoo time!

Rise & shine, everybody!!  It’s Wednesday which means we’ll be performing at the Wildest Show in Town at the Honolulu Zoo!  If you haven’t been to one of these concerts, it’s definitely a must!  Bring your blanket & cooler and come and enjoy ManoaDNA in one of the most beautiful settings in Waikiki!  We’re bringing our entire band, so I hope we don’t disturb the birds and elephants too much!

Our puppies are so funny .. they totally ignore me until I’m sitting on the sofa with a plate of food.  Then I’ll have one draped around my neck like a pillow, another one sitting on my feet, and the third one jumping up and down like a flea!  And if you want to get your dishes sparkling clean, just let the puppies lick them after you’re done – I swear, it looks like the dish was never used!

Anyway, gotta run … busy day ahead!  Take care and have a great day!     Aloha, “D”

"The 3 Amigos" - Buster, Peanut, and Jazz!