I’ve come to the conclusion, I can admit it now…I’m fatter than I was 2 years ago…it’s true!!! Wahhhh 🙁
The first step is admitting it right? Well I did and now I’m doing something about it. I got my personal trainer back and I started to train again today. My goal is to be back in shape by our next japan tour in July. So if the next time I see you I look huge and muscular, don’t be alarmed.
I just finished at the Honolulu Club on Ward avenue and I’m pretty tired. It felt great though and I’m drinking my awesome smoothie!
I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow but I’m not going to think about it right now!!!


4 thoughts on “Tough Workout

  1. rei 12 years ago

    This is my first comment.
    Do you remember me??
    I’m looking foward to your arrivel and seeing your change exactly,in Japan.
    Well,I’m going to the gym,too.
    I’m doing yoga and hula.
    Let’s enjoy gym’s life together!

    a hui hou!aloha!

    1. alex 12 years ago

      Aloha rei!
      I’m not sure if the exercising helped at all! Haha I’ll see you in japan!!

  2. NORIKO and MANA 12 years ago

    Admitting our current status is the first step to change our mind,I think so!
    But it’s too difficult.
    So it’s important to enjoy training to diet.
    Then,recentry I now riding bike with Mana to the next town.
    I think it brings Mana to musculer rather than me.(^â–¡^ï¼›)
    By the way, is it Acai taken on your picture?
    Smoothie of Acai is delicious♪ What kind of the smoothie do you like the best?

    1. alex 12 years ago

      No the smoothies was a blueberry one and it was sooooo good!! I’m trying to keep up with exercising but it’s so hard!!!

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