Manoa “grinds”

‘Morning all!  Last night we walked over to Serg’s Mexican Kitchen after rehearsal to pig out on some enchiladas, carnitas, flautas, and nachos.  The food was pretty good and very filling and we washed it all down with water and Mexican soda (burp!).  Serg’s is one of three little takeout joints which occupy the former Shell service station on East Manoa Road.  The place still looks like a rundown gas station but now houses Serg’s, Boston Pizza, and a crepe stand (Alex says it’s pretty good too).  And right across the street is Asia Manoa, which has some of the best Chinese food on the island.

Ok, so enough about food.  My wrist is still very sore, but the brace seems to help give it support … I’m going to lay off of squash for a week and see what happens.  If it doesn’t improve, then I may go see a specialist but i won’t take any shots – can’t stand needles!

We had a great rehearsal last night as we begin preparations to open up the Wildest Show Concert Series at the Honolulu Zoo next Wednesday.  We’ll be debuting a few songs from our new CD, EVOLUTION, which we hope to release very soon.  So come on down and enjoy a relaxing evening with ManoaDNA!

Aloha, “D”