Humid Friday

Good morning, my friends … it’s Aloha Friday and the start of the Memorial Weekend!  We just got back from walking the puppies on this cool but humid morning, and I took some pictures of our neighbors’ beautiful flowers.  I especially love the Night Blooming Cereus … it only blooms at night and closes up during the day, and it only blooms at certain times of the year.  I’ve never seen one this beautiful before!  I also took pictures of our neighbor’s lovely Pua keni keni flowers – they’re so fragrant and make beautiful lei!

We’re back at Lulu’s tonight and Kani Ka Pila tomorrow … the Evil Empire (read: jet lag) has been vanquished and I just got my guitar back from the luthier, so …  IT’S TIME TO PARTAYYYY!!!

Aloha, “D”

Lovely Pua Keni Keni
Pretty cool, huh? Check out the little flower in the center ..