My car’s sick …

It’s Thursday and I gotta take my car in for servicing this morning.  I think I may have waited too long since it now makes a funny noise when I start it up!  I hope it’s just a fan belt or something minor ….

And the “old guys” finally gave the “young guys” a scare yesterday on the golf course!  My friend and I took on Nick and Alex and actually TIED them!  This is a huge victory for the “old guys” because we’ve been getting our butts kicked for the last several matches – the last being in Japan during our Golden Week tour when Ichikura-san and I were closed out with 4 holes still to go!  That was the worst defeat ever .. a total meltdown!  Yesterday was the first step on the road to redemption .. watch out guys!

I was again reminded about how different the food portions are here vs. Japan.  For breakfast yesterday, I ordered a fruit plate and coffee – what came was a virtual buffet that could have fed an army!  You could have easily fed 5-6 people with all that food!  If I had ordered this in Japan, it probably would have been a few slices of fruit and a shot glass of coffee … and then I’d have to stop at the Family Mart or AM/PM to get a musubi or some soba!

Aloha, “D”